That so called Rin

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Justice Crew - Boom Boom

Our performances at A2G mahasiswa barat!!!
Wow! Why upload it on youtube?? ;A;
* embarrassed*

Good bye my little angel…It’s not an end, later I will meet you again in heaven when my time is arrive…You will always the best, ce….It’s time to say good bye…It’s really hurt because you mean everything to me…The one who stay on my side even many people hate me and stay away from me…The one who always accompany to go anywhere..Someone who always make me giggle, laugh, and happy…Lost you like a disaster for me…I’ve been in fever for two days, it’s because I’ve lost my dearest angel in my life…I need to moving on, right ce? You would be very sad if you saw me in this condition and said, “Why are you being like this? Where is Rin that I used to know? The one who never give up to anything, anyone. Rin who is so cheerful and full of smile. I need it back, I don’t want to see you being like this, hopeless like this”Yes, life is so hopeless without you by my side ce, the one who understand me so much…No one can understand me except you and Father….And found you is like a greatest gift ever in my life….Lost you make me feel that no one will ever understand me…Only my mimi, what should I do, mi?I miss my Mimi and I need to talk to Mimi again ;A;


Fasting third day success!!
It really a great day♥
Thank you God ^^

Because God already said, “I will in no way leave you, neither will I in any way forsake you” So we can rejoice and worship for him ^^

{Psalm 118:6-7} (Hebrews 13:6)

So that with good courage we say, “The Lord is my helper. I will not fear. What can man do to me?”


Because I believe God is my shepherd and He won’t leave me alone♥

There are so many miracle of God today! When I wanted to buy the food in the morning which cost 5000 and I do not have money, I find 5000 in my pocket, when I think I’m going to be late, the elevator suddenly dropped to the first floor and go up (Usually it will go down to the floor B first), and finally, today I feel so unwell, and force myself to go to the class, and since I did not bring the book, I was told to get out. God really understands me and work for me! ^^ Thank you God ^^

God, please help me to finish today’s fasting too ^^
I know you will help me and guide me and make me strong too today! ♥


Fasting day two success!!
Today, I got some precious lesson in my life ><
I really feel that the food that I have eaten was the best food ever!
Even just a fried rice with orange water, it really more than enough to make me feel satisfy!
Good is so amazing! Thank you for the lesson ♥

D-2, still 19days to go~

04-03-2013 - Night diary

Yesterday’s champion commitment is really hectic yet so extremely exciting!
Because of the nervous feeling, I fall the commitment paper twice ㅠㅠ I also forgot to bring the appreciation for my guide, ce Nessa ㅠㅠ
Also, because I feel so amazingly nervous, in the end, I did the wrong move and embarrass myself ;A;

There is another story about the sudden position changed, I got the nearest position to the audience!! It’s like dream come true but also the scary position ;A;
Really nervous~

Well already did the best! After the performance, we went to eat together and took a pict ><
I feel so happy ^^


Today is the day of our performances!
I get so nervous and cry ㅠㅠ
God, please lead us! We will give our best to praising you!
Aja aja hwaiting!!! 
Champion Commitment fighting!!!!